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Cavity Between Teeth: What You Should Know?

Cavity Between Teeth: What You Should Know?

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The cavity between teeth is also known as an interproximal cavity. It’s a condition where the enamel becomes weak and starts wearing away. Primarily the cavity exists when the bacteria stick to the teeth and begin damaging the tooth. The problem with a cavity is that it’s pretty hard to treat and prevent. Whereas maintaining good oral health can save one from this severe dental disease.

This brief guide contains information about cavities, their signs, treatment, and preventive tips. One needs to pay attention to this article to get protected from this harmful disease. So, scroll down and read on:

Signs That Show You Have Cavities Between Your Teeth

Like any other dental disease, the cavity can also harm the mouth if left untreated. Also, early identification can prevent one from severe tooth damage. So, here are the signs that show whether a person is suffering from cavities or not.

Tooth Sensitivity 

If a person feels tooth sensitivity issues, he may have cavities. Because the cavity damages the hard outer surface of enamel which exposes the underneath tooth nerves, this is why one faces sensitivity while eating hot and cold.


When an abscess has formed from the cavity, it may have pus. It is one of the clear signs that decay exists in your mouth and the person is suffering from cavities. Thus, one should necessarily visit the dentist when suffering from this issue.

Holes or Dark Spots

The holes in your teeth are because of tooth decay or severe cavities. It’s one of the severe conditions when the dark spot forms first, and then the holes form in the tooth after some time. Similarly, if one finds a hole in your tooth and other decay signs, he may have cavities. This condition demands immediate treatment from a professional dentist so that one can prevent tooth loss and further damage.  


Suffering from tooth pain is not normal. If anyone is feeling a toothache, something unpleasant happens with his teeth. For example, a cavity can be the reason for a severe or mild toothache. 

How to Treat Cavities?

A person can treat cavities by visiting Castlemore Brampton Dentist the dentist for regular checkups (minimum twice a year) and save himself from getting into the most severe long-term dental diseases. The following mentioned are the beneficial and effective treatments of cavities. Consider these and get rid of the problem ideally. 

An early interproximal cavity can be treated through the filling procedure. The dentist would recommend the patient get the filling treatment and prevent the bacteria from thriving more. Bacterial removal is necessary because it can reach inside the molar over time and cause nerve damage. 

During the treatment, the dentist will use an instrument to numb the affected area and remove the decayed part of the tooth. After removing it, he will clean the cavity and start the filling procedure. 

The dentist uses the same coloured filling as the patient’s teeth and fills the space ideally. However, in severe decay cases, the dentist uses a root canal or crown to restore the tooth and repair it. 

Tips to Prevent Cavities Between Teeth

Tooth decay or cavities can be prevented by following simple steps and maintaining an excellent oral hygiene regimen. These include:

  • Regularly brush, floss, and rinse the teeth with high-quality toothpaste and mouthwash and maintain good care. 
  • Flossing is essential; most people skip flossing; however, it is one of the keys to preventing the teeth from developing cavities. So, people should use high-quality dental floss and floss regularly to clean plaque and debris.
  • Regular checkups with dentists to identify oral problems and get the treatments timely. 
  • Minimize and limit sugar intake; try to eat the right food and avoid eating sticky items. If one somehow consumes such foods, he should brush his teeth right after eating.
  • Eliminating smoking habits and avoiding alcohol consumption can keep one’s teeth protected from cavities and makes oral health on point.

Therefore, the cavity is a problem that people of any age can face. The prevention is simple, but it requires consistency and complete focus to prevent such issues.

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Cavity Between Teeth: What You Should Know?

The cavity between teeth is also known as an interproximal cavity. It’s a condition where the enamel becomes weak and starts wearing away. Primarily the


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